Transport Strategy

The City Council has implemented changes to the roads in Oxford to reduce air pollution and to allow buses priority access to the city. It is aimed to encourage the use of the Park & Ride scheme and use of the Oxford Ring Road.

Some main points to note:

  • Motorists may not use the High Street to travel from eastto west as previously.
  • The road arrangements near the Station have been improved by the introduction of sets of traffic lights.
  • Cyclists will find new routes into town in operation and priority at many traffic lights.
  • Many bus stops have changed location now as a result. Keep an eye out for changes.
  • There have been changes to the orange badge parking areas.

Main changes to roads in Oxford city centre.

  • Hythe Bridge Street – Two-way traffic route.
  • Thames Street – Two-way traffic route
  • Park End Street – Two way, but only open to buses and delivery traffic. Access to the car park from the West is via Park End Street.
  • Broad Street – Western end closed to traffic 24 hrs every day.
  • Turl Street – During the daytime closed to all vehicles. Vehicles needing access to Broad Street have access through a barrier.
  • High Street – Through traffic barred 7.30am–6.30pm every day. Buses, taxis and cycles are allowed through.
  • St. Aldate’s – Access only.
  • Cornmarket Street – Now fully pedestrianised. All traffic (including buses) is banned seven days a week.