Universities and their associated colleges, specialist schools, institutions, subsidiaries, other facilities and faculties of the universities (where appropriate) in and around Oxford.

Oxford Limited

18B New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, OX1 2DW. Tel: 01865 725723

An independent company set up to promote and manage the University of Oxford brand licensing programme. All income generated contributes directly to the University and is used in a wide variety of ways, providing valuable resources benefiting academic, scientific, cultural and sporting activities across the University community.

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University of Oxford

University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. Tel 01865 270000

The world famous institution. A great tourist attraction and seat of learning. See the Colleges & Schools section for a list of University Colleges.

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Nuffield College

New Rd. Oxford, OX1 1NF. Tel: 01865 278500

University of Oxford, colleges, study, degree, student

St. Antony's College

Woodstock Rd. Oxford, OX2 6JF. Tel: 01865 284700

University of Oxford, colleges, study, degree, student, conference, meetings

Exeter College

Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DP. Tel: 01865 279645

University of Oxford, colleges, study, degree, students,conference, meeting rooms

Green College

At the Radcliffe Observatory, Woodstock Rd. Oxford, OX2 6HG. Tel: 01865 274770

University of Oxford, colleges, study, degree, students

Merton College

Merton St. Oxford, OX1 4JD. Tel: 01865 276310

University of Oxford, colleges, study, student, degree, conference, meeting rooms

The Queens College

High St. Oxford, OX1 4AW. Tel: 01865 279120

University of Oxford, college, study, degree, student